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Trending Frenzy: Design Maxes out all 2022.

With every new year there is a chance to start fresh, reexamine our surroundings, and challenge our creative senses. In recent years we’ve seen trends cling to all-white minimalism, but this may no longer be providing us with the depth we desire in our homes. The pandemic has rocked our world and as a result we’ve been forced to slow down. Our homes are now the main arena for every aspect of our lives, and in turn should provide visual comfort and be designed with true purpose. Interior design in 2022 will focus on positive energy that is warm, grounding, and ultimately represents the very essence of who we are.

Three trends I’m really excited for in 2022:

Photo credit soholighting.com
  1. Maximalism with color & style

We have been living, working and sleeping in our homes for the past two years. There is now a strong need to maximize on both dual purpose for rooms as well as a mix of hues. The combination of eclectic furniture, vintage decor and other collections from travel will create a space that feels excitingly fresh, yet “lived in”. Design in 2022 is about bringing in every style to curate a home that feels very personal, full of fun and imagination.

Image: Elle Decor via beteabode.com

2.Out with the white and in with the earthy

Goodbye to the cold grays and whites, and hello to warmth! It’s time for those terracottas, deep browns and soft earthy tones to come back into the limelight. Another result of living in a pandemic is that we crave a huge hug from a softened interior color palette and the all white interior is no longer cutting it. In addition to the earthy tones we may start to see more curves in furniture pieces and case goods – this type of design is made to create good energy and help you feel cozy and warm.

Image: Architectural Digest via sampleboard.com

(Image credit: Sean Costello)

3. Dreamy texture everywhere the eye can see

Touch is one of the major senses and this year it’s coming in full force. Get ready for limewashes and plasters on walls to show dreamy texture and bring in history and depth. Our favorite brands are American Clay for plaster and Sydney Harbor for limewashes. Boucle fabric is already everywhere, but we keep hearing the need for more mohair – anything that can stimulate the sense of touch. Jute rugs are a versatile choice that will feel natural under foot and be easy to maintain.

Image: made.com

Design trends are of course useful in order to stay relevant and fresh, however it’s also important to stay true to your design style and be inspired by what speaks to you individually. I have always gravitated towards a particular designer Tricia Guild from the UK. It was her design that drew me into creating my own firm and pursuing color as a career. Guild has a talent of integrating bold and tranquil hues in a space without it feeling overwhelming. Her design style is the perfect mix of historic design elements, vivid hues, and modern homes with a personality. It breaks all the rules and is utterly perfect.

Image: Designer Tricia Guild via Harper’s Bazaar

The best way to start figuring out your design style, is to let your imagination run free and start dreaming. The next step is to start honing in on specific elements by devouring images via magazines, Pinterest or anything else that catches your eye when you travel. Take pictures, save images, and create a fun mood board to curate a look that suits your own personal style. 
If you need help getting your interior design project off to a start, we can guide you in the right direction or assist with the entire project. Design online with us for an hour or for an entire room here.