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How To: Create a Gallery Wall

Let’s say you crave an artsy look for your walls but you’ve been too overwhelmed with the logistics of framed art. We put together a step by step guide for you that will help you to create the best gallery walls in town!

– JG Color Studio

Maybe you’re like us: missing friends, family & traveling with them too. The best way to spend time with the visuals we miss most is to relive those memories in to form of a gallery wall.

We like to mix fun travel shots with handmade art and images of the family. Add a provocative bas relief sculpture or a coconut husk mask. Why not? The more you mix your passions, the more curated your life feels.

How do we do it? Like this:

Step 1: 

Determine how you want the wall to feel, then choose an aesthetic. Do you want straight, clean lines? A little organized chaos? Bold color? Greyscale? Well, there’s an app for that Click here to try ARTPLACER. It’s great for planning without putting any holes in your wall to get there.

Step 2: 

Let’s decide the size and style of the frames you want to use. Go for all vintage, all modern, or give it a mix as per your personal style! Place your photos in a floating frame, or add a mat to hide unsightly edges and give the eye a place to rest. It’s possible to do this all yourself (check your local vintage shop for treasured frames), or hire a service do the heavy lifting for you! Use this coupon to try Framebridge with $15 off your order  http://fbuy.me/v/jen_1925

Step 3: 

Choose and size the photos that make you happiest & send off to be printed. These babies ship directly to your front door.  https://www.nationsphotolab.com/allprints.aspx

Hang them up & revel in glory. You have design skills! 

If you got this far and you feel intimidated, pop over to our Virtual Services and snag a One-Hour Session, we’ll help you through it! https://jgcolor.com/virtual-services/

Museum Aspirations

Our lovely client Melissa wanted to honor her son’s love for drawing. We empowered the son, Andrew (see below mini artist age 5), to display his work. He choose his three favorite pieces, we brought them to FedEx for scanning and graphic adjustments and then had them printed on art archival paper. Next, we had them matted and framed in 24 x 36 wood frames. Now he’s the Picasso of his own room!

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