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Dreamy Tiles for a Happy Home: Latest Trends in Bathrooms & Kitchens!

Choosing the best tile for your project:

This can be a bit daunting as it is a very important decision! One that will significantly impact the overall look and feel in your space. The tile you choose can determine the level of comfort and elegance you experience at home, as well as the maintenance that will be required to keep your flooring or walls in top condition. In this blog, we will guide you through the various trends to help you choose the best solution for your kitchen and bathrooms.


The terrazzo comeback has been around for a few years now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. You’ll find this look to be very exciting! It is traditionally made by exposing a consistent marble chip in concrete and then polishing until smooth. Terrazzo is now a popular choice for tiling especially in bathrooms. The variations of terrazzo are endless – dark or light, bold or subtle, bright or neutral.

The 90’s kids know and crave the modernity and warmth of the mid-century and terrazzo is a popular choice here. It is also very versatile and can be effective in both luxurious, contemporary homes and more relaxed, raw spaces. I love this material as a choice for kitchen countertops. We love to see it more and more in commercial spaces. You’ll likely seek it out because of its high durability. We won’t be surprised when it outlasts us.

Furthermore, if you decide to use terrazzo and are looking for some complimentary accents, brushed brass is a great material option to complete a look. This antique brass shower head on amazon and these pill shaped mirrors from Target could be great additions to your design. 

Second: Checkerboard

Alternatively, this tile style has not been as widely popular as terrazzo over the past few years, but my prediction is that 2023 will push this trend to the forefront. You’ll soon see that checks are hot in fashion. Inevitably, this has bled into home décor and graphic design.

The style feeds into nostalgic themes from the 60s and 70s. You’ve seen it in black and white on floors of entry ways and sunrooms. This is likely evolving to include a variety of color combinations. We bet that it will soon take over every part of the house. I would personally love to see this put to use this in a child’s bathroom as a playful design that would remain appropriate as the years pass. Such an exciting trend that instantly gives you a retro feel.

A fun way for you to enhance the playful vibe in checkerboard tiled spaces is by adding retro décor. This small Bluetooth speaker is an adorable accent and works well styled on a shelf in the kitchen.


Equally as interesting, handmade terracotta tile with a zero grout line is a look we continue to see in different corners of the globe. Ever since 2020 the pandemic, biophilic design and bringing the outdoors in has become an essential part of life. Most of us are gravitating towards elements that are feel organic with the zest that comes with a the touch of stone.

Surprisingly, one of the best ways for you to collect this texture is with beautifully honed tile. Handmade tiles with imperfections add depth to any space and work beautifully in any part of the house. When you’re looking to create a relaxed vibe in your home, stick to layered neutral tones and earthy clay colors such as we see in traditional terracotta tiles. I find textural tiles particularly effective in Spanish Revivals or Beachside Villas. Still, every style of house can benefit from a little stimulus for the eye and the sense of touch.

Whenever you mean to compliment your textural tile, consider adding other décor elements that feel organic and natural as well. This rattan mirror would be an effective design choice in a powder room.

Double up

Next up we have the double decker tiling trend. This is something that, at first, I had mixed feelings about. Haphazardly dividing a wall in two can sometimes be overwhelming and distracting. When you get it right, this tile design screams LUXE! Doubling-up a brilliant way to add some visual interest to your space. As a result, you can really get to be very creative in the process.

I love the idea of using a patterned tile on the lower half of the design and carrying it along the floor. I have seen this style work well in both modern and traditional spaces. It all depends on the tile choice and how they are laid. For example, when you’re using a rectangular shape: a longer thinner, stacked tile is likely to be more modern, whereas a thicker, shorter, staggered tile is steeped in old-country traditional.

Do you find yourself inspired by these sweet double decker photos? Get the look with this small wooden stool where you can place small trinkets or other bathroom essentials.

The best part: Bold Colors

At last, the best option is a really bold color. In truth, you may freak out. I get it, you maybe a bit confused on which direction to go in your space so sticking with neutrals is a choice made from your comfort zone. Even tough Bold colors can be polarizing and appear aggressive, have no fear. When designed thoughtfully, this solution is 100% worth the risk.

Truthfully, my advice is if you are drawn to color and really want to use it, focus on one area and really commit! There are gorgeous handmade Moroccan zellige tiles out there, and these are the perfect choice when going bright and bold. Each tile is handcrafted via an individualized process which creates a slight color variation between them. Subsequently your bright colored wall will be far from flat. They may even come alive with depth, texture, and sunlight. The results are playful, yet chic.

Moreover, when you’re going bold, curved accents can help soften, and add personality to the space. These sphere bulb wall sconces would be a gorgeous addition to a bathroom and this faucet would be effective in a kitchen. 

Left to right:
Photo by Chad Mellon via https://cms.cletile.com
Photo by Aubrie Pick via https://www.fireclaytile.com/
Photo by Jacqui Turk via https://thedesignfiles.net/

The options for tiling are endless for you and it is a very exciting part of the renovation process! In order for you to avoid overwhelm, try to fall in love with a tile and let that lead the drama in the color story. Nevertheless great design is at your fingertips. Our team of expert interior designers offer professional virtual services or in-person consultations for our Southern California residents. For all other inquiries contact us via our website.

We are looking forward to adding color to your life!

Need help finding your favorite color to use on cabinets or on your front door? Schedule a virtual color consult today by visiting our website @ https://jgcolor.com/virtual-services/ 

Posted by Steffi Reyes-Thomas 2022