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This Year’s Bedroom Trend: Serenity Wins Big!

Comfort is everything.

The function of our homes has shifted over the last couple of years and for many of us, it has now become a place for work. If not convenient, this multi-purpose function may feel overwhelming or even stressful. It is for this reason that we should start to view the design of our bedrooms specifically with more intention. This area of our homes should feel like a grounding space for us to reset, and so we’ve put together some of the trends for bringing sexy (and serenity) back to our bedrooms. 

It’s the little things…

We have been spending more time indoors than ever before. As a result, we are craving more time in nature. Biophilia means bringing the outdoors inside. This continues to be a big trend this year, as having our bedroom feel like a sanctuary is crucial for our mental health. Hanging plants, either live or faux, are a great way to instantly add a zen vibe and promote better sleep. Sustainably sourced and organic materials are valued more than ever before. Consider using linen or bamboo sheets and decorating with textured hemp pillows.

Credit: https://www.elleihome.com/blogs/journal/historic-values-for-home-decorating

Texture will save us all…

Touch is likely the sense of the most importance this year it will remain a focus for bedrooms moving forward. By layering many different fabrics and textures, from the rug under foot to the bed itself we are able to curate a space that feels very comfortable and very calming. Anything that feels extra fluffy and soft will be a great addition to your place of sleep and mental health. Boucle fabric is already everywhere, and we expect to see this trend continue. Moreover, you could find yourself in luxury even with your eyes closed.

Credit: West Elm

Bring on the comfort with an extra throw blanket!

The Color of Serenity…

When we consider color,  all-white linen and cold grays walls are no longer cutting it in our bedrooms. Another result of being a human, we crave a more intimate embrace from a softened interior color palette. Therefore, it’s time for muted terracotta, taupe browns and warm neutrals to come back to our bedrooms. In addition to the earthy tones we may start to see more curves in furniture pieces – curved canopy bed frames are a great choice to create good energy and help you feel cozy and warm.

We are looking forward to adding color to your life!

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Posted by Steffi Reyes-Thomas 2022