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Four Ways to Hack an A+ Airbnb with Superhosting

The competition is real

With so many Airbnb properties these days, attention to detail is crucial in order to stand out! We are in an age where people not only travel for tourism, but for a comfortable living and working space away from their homes. Hosts need to step it up often. In this post, we will share four ways you can wow your Airbnb guests and hack that lofty, but obtainable, 5 star review.

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From a reliable WIFI connection to strong water pressure, you have to consider everything that your guest will interact with during their stay. Be sure to equip your space to accommodate living, relaxing, AND working. As an Airbnb host, it’s your responsibility to provide guests with all the comforts of their home and more.

Your guests will expect to find the basic items they would usually find in hotels. As such, it is recommended that hosts leave a minimum of the following: 

  • Two towels for each guest
  • Two pillows for each guest
  • Linens for each bed, with options for warm and cool weather
  • Toilet paper, with extras at arms distance
  • Hand soap, body wash, and shampoo.
  • Water bottles and glasses to drink from.

Doing this will not only be convenient for your guests, but it will instantly provide them with the level of relaxation they expect. Remember that this is the minimum. The real magic is happens when you exceed expectations. It only goes up from there. This will make the experience feel comfortable with the first impression, and show your guests the value of booking with you as a host.


Providing your guests the pleasure of luxury will reflect in those reviews. This won’t just please their sense of sight and touch but will also provide them with a holiday memory that may even be more upscale than their in own home.

Investing in quality items will also hold up better to the constant wear and tear of guests. Don’t be surprised if you are switching things out in between stays to keep up.

Quality comes from considering the details. Instead of only considering the color of bedding you want to provide, you should think about thread count as well. Providing tea or coffee are big crowd-pleasers, so make sure to stock up on these along with creamer, milk, and other alternatives. Take it up a notch and provide durable, yet memorable mugs to solidify the experience.

Extras are the new expectation

Needless to say, providing your guests with the essentials is very important. If you want to really impress the masses you have to go that extra mile. To elevate the experience, include unique features that will make their stay enjoyable so that they yearn to rebook again and again.

Additionally, this can take the form of providing games for the whole family to enjoy or setting up your place to maximize the guest list. Ensure that your living space is very inviting or even photogenic. Perhaps add a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolates on arrival to make their stay a memorable one.

Bonus points to the host that provides an easy-to-use Bluetooth speaker for the guest’s specific music tastes.

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The Best Part: Color

Finally designing a rental can seem hard at first, but don’t be afraid to have fun! While you may not be a color expert, you’ll be surprised at what a paint brush can do to a room.  When choosing the colors, be sure that they aren’t too intrusive as this can be quite polarizing. Furthermore, explore contrasting colors to help certain elements to stand out. Soft colors will absolutely create a happy and relaxing vibe for your guests through the use of paint, furniture or art. Furthermore, choosing a palette that compliments the location of your property will capture the mood beautifully. Here’s the formula: Joshua Tree = earthy tones, Coco beach = sandy tones with blue and green accents, Porto, Portugal = white and blue glaze, Mexico City = Lava rock and the best pink you can imagine.

Image via: mydomaine.com

Most importantly, as a color consultant, I can help you to obtain the status of Superhost! Let’s elevate the experience you’re known for. Be sure to contact us here to get started.







We are looking forward to adding color to your life!

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Posted by Steffi Reyes-Thomas 2023