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New colors really lighten up a space and make it feel so much bigger. Accent walls really pop, but why does a newly painted room cause headaches in some of us? When will that smell go away?! On average it can take up to ten years to fully clear out all paint fumes. That smell is caused by cancer-producing Volatile Organic Compounds. There are horror stories about how badly it has affected people’s health over the years, but luckily, we have a solution.

Paint Health

VOC’s Need to Go.

Why? Because they can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat; headaches with loss of coordination; nausea; plus damage to the liver, kidneys, or central nervous system, .  But why are they there in the first place? VOC’s do have some benefits as they provide better performance for free-thaw situations, and they are found in most high gloss options. VOC’s are a menace to the environment as they act as greenhouse gasses and break down living plant matter, like trees, flowers, and food in the atmosphere. It’s daunting to even think about, let alone to spread all over the walls of your home.

There are different ways to dispose of your paint cans once you are done with them as throwing wet paint directly into the landfill is discouraged. FYI: This is as important as using the right paint. 

  1. Let it dry out with the top off and throw into the waste bin. 
  2. Dry out and clean out and reuse the gallon 
  3. Make an appointment at local landfill to drop up to 15 gallons of hazardous waste 
  4. Our favorite – call your local paint store and they take gallons and five gallons (but must have a lid) for free!


Crowd Favorite paints:

California is one of the most strict of the states to ensure consumer off-gasses or Volatile Organic Compounds are safe but there is one step further you can take when you paint your space. No one has time to be sick or to pollute, so we’ve put together a few crowd favorites that not only avoid chemicals in the tint or paint but also have great reviews on durability.

Benjamin Moore

Photo by: Benjamin Moore
  • Benjamin Moore offers thousands of colors and shades to choose from at accessible prices, plus it’s in most hardware stores. 
    • Ben by Benjamin Moore $$ is very affordable and goes on easy. No VOC’s and low odor. 
    • Natura by Benjamin Moore $$$ was our favorite until it was made unavailable in March of 2021. Now, Eco Spec is their “greenest” paint boasting zero VOCs and zero emissions
    • Aura by Benjamin Moore $$$$ has super low VOC’s and after eggshell, the higher the reflective level, the higher the VOC’s. Unlike Ben and Eco Spec, Aura is available in a gloss sheen as well.  


Photo by: Clare

Eco Safety Products

  • Eco Safety Products carry wood stains and concrete stains made without toxic ingredients, hazardous vocs, or solvent odors. safer for the installer, occupants, & environment.  All of their products contain renewably sourced ingredients, contain no red list chemicals, and meet the most stringent VOC Emissions Testing. For our favorite stain on concrete & wood, check out this link. ​​https://ecosafetyproducts.com/stains/

Ask yourself, what else do you need in a paint? The day it goes on the walls on it’s own, we’ll let you know! If you need help choosing colors for your space we can ensure your hues are perfect for your interior or exterior painting project at https://jgcolor.com/virtual-services/.
We are looking forward to adding color to your life!

Safe to the touch

Recently featured on 11 Best Interior Paint Colors In 2021 by Family Handyman:

JG Color Studios owner, interior designer and color expert Jennifer Guerin says Brazilian Rainforest by Benjamin Moore made her list. “It is highly chromatic without being over the top,” she says. “This deep green reflects the hue we find in plants, yet brings out an elegance, and says I’m not afraid of you, color.”


Need help finding your favorite color to use on cabinets or on your front door? Schedule a virtual color consult today by visiting our website @ https://jgcolor.com/virtual-services/ 

Posted by Steffi Reyes-Thomas 2022